Homeowner or Design Professional
SilentGuard® has you covered.

Whether it's the painful nuisance of a barking dog or the truly invasive noise of jet aircraft overhead, SilentGuard® windows and doors has a noise reduction solution to meet your needs. These high-tech windows not only dampen sound, but are also highly energy efficient, boasting thermal ratings in excess of R-5.

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Design Professionals

We know how valuable your time is. With that in mind, SilentGuard® houses a complete set of specifications, detail files and BIM models presented in multiple, easy to access formats to keep your design project moving and on schedule. We also provide easy access to continuing education in both online and face to face formats.

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Virtual Sound Lab

Don't just take our word for it. The SilentGuard® Virtual Sound Lab lets you experience noise reduction capabilities of SilentGuard® acoustic windows and doors first hand. You can choose from a variety of common noises, and then hear how those noises would sound through various levels of SilentGuard® noise reduction performance.

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